The era of hair salons relying only on the technology of hair stylists to retain customers has passed, and we recommend three hair salons from different countries with different styles, so that customers can have a pleasing space experience while “washing, cutting and blowing”.


Coffee, retail, hairdressing, bar

Exquisite and elegant multi-functional composite space

When you first enter this hair salon on King West Street in downtown Toronto, you’ll be amazed by its sophisticated and elegant design. However, what is interesting is that in terms of the function of the space, it is no longer limited to providing hairdressing services to customers, but also a complex social place that integrates cafes, boutique retail stores, nail art, hairdressing and bars.

The designer deliberately blurred the division of these functional areas, and made their boundaries no longer rigid through the materials and patterns that echoed each other, so that the space naturally exuded a strong cohesion and harmony. The store is decorated with white, light gray, charcoal and various blue colors to create a fresh and elegant tone; Then decorate the space with bright yellows, warm wood tones, and shiny copper furniture as vibrant colors. Make the overall space more warm, comfortable and elegant.

In addition to all the features that serve its guests, the hair salon also emphasizes the importance of social places, where many people come to date, dine, and relax with friends.

Hair salon & private house

Work and life are a reality

While many hairdressers are combined with residences, this Q-Pot beauty salon in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, is quite attractive. It is a modern art hair salon converted from a multi-storey building with a fairly old history. At first, it was unremarkable and mixed in with the surrounding dense residential area, but under the renovation of HAO Design Studio, the combination of color and chic pipeline layout, coupled with bare hardware arrangements and concrete, created an extraordinary artistic charm and a unique retro charm.

The most interesting thing about the whole space is the use of color, which seems to be random, but does not lose the rhythm and unique aesthetic taste.When you’re in the middle of it, you’re bound to mistake it for a private collection museum with a contemporary art flair.

Spatially, the interior of the building is divided into four floors, with the lower two floors being the hair salon and the upper two floors being the owner’s residence, led straight by a large tree on the balcony. And each floor, even every corner, has a very intriguing arrangement, and even the design of the mezzanine is unique, full of uninhibited fun and mix-and-match experimental sense.

Succinct white depiction

Redefining the modern hair salon space

Designed by the famous architecture and design studio SIDES CORE, this hair salon called “Re-Edit” is located in Osaka, Japan.Following the motto of “Seeking the Essence of Things”, the designer redefines this small space and brings reflection on modern lifestyles.

Although it is also a renovated space and a hairdressing service for customers, THESIDES CORE designers directly overturned the inherent structure of the traditional hairdresser,abandoned the importance of the wall, and placed the most indispensable furniture such as mirrors and shelves in the store from the ceiling straight to the ground, in a hanging design manner. Such a simple and innovative decorative style, while enlarging the spatial structure, also creates a novel decorative technique to give customers a unique way of experiencing. The combination of a large number of blank designs and geometric lines adds a lot of artistic atmosphere to the entire space.

In terms of color matching, the space is decorated with light turquoise and white as the main tone of decoration, and the warm wood material is used to create a fresh and natural comfortable atmosphere.