As human beings, where do we adapt to the natural world? We are a part of it, it is a part of us.

We are the guardians of this planet. We call ourselves the top of the food chain and think we are the strongest. We humans often build roads and bridges, canals and ports, and even entire cities at the expense of the environment. However, nature is not about to give up. Instead, it is determined to persevere, showing how fragile our creations are.


Due to the blockade and the sudden lack of human maintenance, I saw new habitats open up. Nature is pouring in, through concrete jungles that used to have grass and bushes. The pavement cracked, providing a new niche for the seeds to take root. The pervasive disintegration of these structures indicates the persistence and recycling of nature.

Inspired by Mazzy Star’s song “Fade into You”. A love song about loving someone who is emotionally unavailable and losing one’s sense of self in the process. In planning this series, I’ve been thinking about how the song relates to the relationship between nature and humanity. And how our ego and self-importance can disconnect us from our intrinsic connection to nature.


Hair: Candice McKay 

Hair Team: Yvonne Flick-Barbanti, Richard Ashworth

Photographer: Jack Eames

 Styling: Claire Frith

Make-up: Megumi Matsuno 

Set design: Klara Van Wyngaarden

Video: Orland Martin, Vishal Baharani, Gumidafe Gutier for Live Production Studio